Educational and Industrial Resource Provider (EIRP) is the only organization in india, created with a vision to educate people in industry environment. EIRP is involved in short term training programmes (awareness programmes, corporate training programmes, certificate/diploma courses of approved institutions/universities),long term courses(Bachelor/Master degree programmes of approved universities, continuing education programmes, directing the trainer programmes, development of learning materials, projects and consultancy services, EIRP is operating with the help of more than 1250 CIS [Centre for Internship and Studies ] spread across the world.EIRP is authorized to establish and approved new Centre for Internship and Studies (CIS) for facliating student enrolments into the University and also conducting the internship/training/research programmes as recommended byEIRP.

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Educational and Industrial Resource Provider (EIRP) is the only organization in india. Created with a vision to educate people in industry environment.EIRP is committed to provide high and quality education, training and expertise to enhance the intrinisic abilities of the students and promote their skills. Main motive is to arrange a sound academic environment with the help of industry for a complete learing experience, This is to ensure all round development of students to realize their potential.EIRP promote professionalism by training young men and women through & modern scientific approach.EIRP mission is to reduce unemployment by providing job oriented courses and to offer consultancy in various functional areas of business & industry as well as to assist companies in recruitment and selection of personal. The objective of education is associated with employment as it ensures a positive attitude to see the universe from better angle and to analyze. Determine and apply an individual’s ideas in a constructive development of society.
EIRP in collaboration with world education mission provide help to the socially backward. Economically poor and needy students by way of sponsorships and scholarships for their studies.
EIRP is committed to arrange and international exposure to the students, for better participation in the growth of country.

Centre for Internship and Studies

Centre for Internship and Studies is most contemporary noble concept derived by Educational and Industrial Resource Provider (EIRP) to integrate the component of industry in education.CIS Education is just not a formality of giving industrial exposure to students; rather it is a full‐fledged industry experience to students with their studies. CIS education enables students to obtain the basic and all fuctional knowledge of the industry in which they wish to work. The CIS education programmes are regular industrial internship coupled with theory based face to face contact programmes.

CIS Provides

Internship Training with industrial & Companies Visit

Recognition of industrial credits in academics.

Improved knowledge of real time work environment.

World class Curriculum & facilities with real time industry oriented

Suits indian requirement of job oriented Education.

On‐job training with studies in same field

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To be a unified institute acknowledge universally the leader in flexible teaching and learning and well‐focussed research, contributing strongly to the sustainable development of the region and communities and assisting the third world countries for studies. Training and research in the fields like management information technology, ecology environment disaster management pollution control human‐rights and bio‐diversity. To focus on the most current problems of the world and on the remedial actions to be taken.

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